We're Designers, not Accountants

We’ve been there before and know what its like there out in the world on your own. When we started our business we’ve wrote estimates in layout applications like Adobe Illustrator, tracked of time spent in spreadsheets, logged invoices via notepad and lost track of project scope constantly.

In summary, we never knew if we were actually making money or not.

Gizmo to the rescue!

How did Gizmo Solve This?

We broke down the project life cycle to its purest form so that we can work efficiently without being overburden with tools we’ll never use. Gizmo is our one stop shop to deal with:

  • Client Management
  • Estimate/Project Creation
  • Hours Tracking
  • Invoices/Payments Recording
  • Project Reporting

Work more, Admin less.

In the creative industry; including designers, web developers, copywriters, illustrators, photographers, we’re experts in our craft, but we’re not taught in school how to write proposals, keep track projects or even how to get paid.

Time is money for businesses like ours; and consolidating the most important business functions into a single solution was critical for people that need to wear multiple hats.

Gizmo is a web app created to support and monitor everyday office operations like ourselves to manage sales, time-tracking, and accounting.

A product of Eat.Sleep.Work. a branding and creative agency. Gizmo has helped grow the company from a two man operation to a 10-person team.